Adaptation of company promotional materials
Many large (international) companies (such as Red Bull for example) have unified requirements for the production of printing and other promotional products. Often, even all the models for a global advertising campaign are prepared and approved in the head office of the customer's company, and then sent to all the company's representative offices (or distributors) in other countries of the world. In this case, to carry out a co-ordinated one-time advertising campaign, it is necessary to adapt all promotional materials for the local consumer market. At the stage of preparation for entering the Russian market, it is necessary to adapt advertising materials. To do this, not having special knowledge and experience, is problematic.
main areas of work:
• Language localization.
At this stage of work, we translate the supplier's marketing materials into Russian with high quality;
• Checking the translations already performed.
Literacy and accuracy, completeness and correctness of the transmission of the meaning of the source materials;
• Adaptation to the cultural values ​​of the country and the specifics of the industry in which activities are carried out.
It's not a secret that different words and phrases in different countries have different semantic colouring, that's why it's impossible to be limited to a technical translation only;
• Organization of exhibitions.
• Commercial offer and presentation.
The success of the promotion of products or services on the Russian market depends on many factors. The key place in their row is occupied by professionally composed commercial offer or presentation. There are many rules for their compilation, and exporters about them, as a rule, do not know - but they should not be professionals in this matter. Really working materials will be prepared by our experienced specialists.
• Adaptation of all components of the brand.
Slogan graphic elements, website, packaging, etc. If these components are not available, they can be developed from the ground up - so that the brand fits well into the target market of the country and promotes effective promotion of the exporter on it.


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