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Now only prostitution and robbery require personal meetings. For other types of business, it is not necessary to remove pajamas.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Slava Se.

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We are advertising agency of a new format, a team of experts in the field of advertising and marketing. Our virtuality is the lack of a permanent office and a fixed staff. Designers, programmers, marketers, SMM-managers and other specialists from different countries are involved in specific projects. At the same time, tangible project managers are the connecting link. Project management can be conducted from any place where there are wi-fi and electricity.
The services of our agency are affordable for large, medium and small enterprises. The prices of conventional advertising agencies and design studios are usually overestimated. They have good reasons for this, such as the costs of maintaining the office, buying software, many different deductions, etc. The client has to partially pay for all these things. We do not have such expenses, or they are extremely small. Our employees work at the suitable time from any comfortable place for them, so the work is more efficient, and the designs are more eye-catching color and more creative.


If the advertising order is requested "for yesterday", what will you choose? Fill out the brief, approve the terms of reference, review the moodboards, study the references, communicate with the agency representatives for a long time, then wait for some of the designers to reach you up with your demand?...
make 1 call / write 1 e-mail and get the first sketches within 1 day.


«Kodak» sells camera roll, but they do not advertise camera roll. They advertise memory.

                                                                                                                                                                               Teodor Levitt


We make a design of polygraphy, packing, logos, corporate style and in general everything that is amenable to design. For us, the main goal is the ability to "listen to" the client, discover a problem and choose an effective solution. We do not create a lot of ideas but we create a vision. Any company has a story to tell, and such a story needs a language we are speaking in. Each project should benefit the end user.


Print advertising is a great way to attract attention to your company, its products or services. Colourful business cards, booklets, flyers, catalogues, magazines, POS-materials and much more - your advertising will not go unnoticed if it is performed with good quality. We can offer you to print on any materials, as we have our own production facilities and many partners with friendly prices in this field.


Technical impeccability is only half the battle, without visitors the resource is dead, nobody needs it. Quality design, thoughtful usability, interesting and useful content are the main features of the professional development of the site. Manufacturing of any kind of Internet resource: a business card site, a portal or an online store - tasks of a different kind and their implementation requires a different approach. In any case, a web resource is an effective business tool.


We have a virtual staff. They are involved in specific projects at the request of the client.

We are constantly expanding the staff, searching for experienced specialists from different countries.

Our task is not to recoup the salaries of designers, but to provide the client with a large selection of specialists to solve his problems.

At the same time, you have a choice, you can go to the "Portfolio" section and tell us which works you like.

And the author of this work will follow with your project unless of course, he does not save the world at that moment).



Vlado Sotak,


Hanna Sotak,


Max Yakushev,


Yuri Chubarov,

creative designer



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